Morgan Phillips

Class of 2012
Major/Minor: business management, Art


A Very Alternative Spring Break:

Through the Cater Society of Junior Fellows, Morgan traveled to Peru to study the impact of fair trade on Peruvian farming communities.

This research project aims to identify the source of fair trade and organic cocoa by traveling to an area landing the movement itself, the Amazon jungle in Peru. The fair cocoa trade in Peru is made up of three main parts: the farmer who grows the coca, the cooperative that sells the cocoa, and the NGO that funds and facilitates the entire process. In this project, an individual was interviewed from each step in the process in order to gain three different perspectives on how fair trade vs. non-fair trade cocoa affects the farmers and economic development of Peru. The project begins in Lima, Peru where most of the NGO’s and Cooperative headquarters involved in the cocoa trade are located. It then travels to Echarati, Peru, a small farming community outside of the main city of Cusco where fair trade, organic cocoa, and coffee reign supreme. The main research question being answered is what, if any, impact does fair trade have on Peruvian farmers and what place does the fair trade movement have in the future of sustainable Peruvian agriculture.


Hometown? Charlottesville, VA

High School? Albemarle High School

Favorite C-town Eats/Place? The Village Bakery

Mistake made your 1st year? Buying all my books from the bookstore…it’s definitely worth it to shop around online!

Dance Move? The Westside

Which Disney character would you be? Jessie from Toy Story 2 & 3

How do you like your eggs? Over easy by Ms. Donna, on a sandwich, cheese and bacon

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