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Khalil Karrakchou

Winning at Global Business

I knew from the beginning of my freshman year at Washington College that I wanted to be an international studies major. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to concentrate in one region of the world. I spent my childhood in Morocco and have family in Germany. The summer after my freshman year, I went with Dr. Black on a trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg for a Russian Studies program. I always had a fascination with Russia and was able to see many of the historical sites such as the Hermitage and Red Square.

I met Dr. Drischler at the end-of-the-year party for international studies majors and he told me about the new global business studies concentration. The following semester, I took his class, where I first participated in the McGraw Hill Global Business Strategy Game Simulation. I was one of three international studies majors and the only sophomore taking that upper level business class. I teamed up with business management seniors Nick Handrick and Daniel Pierce to compete in the game. In the first practice round of the game, we finished last among our classmates. After the practice rounds, we moved to the actual simulation.

We were excited and thrilled that we were so successful but we also thought our ranking was vulnerable. We decided to spend more time on our decision-making process and see if we could climb higher in the rankings. The next week, we were ranked among the top 20 best teams. The week following we were tied for first place. When we told Dr. Drischler that we had became first in the world against 3,000 teams, he couldn’t believe it. The teams included undergraduate students, graduate students and actual international companies using the simulation. We maintained our top ranking for the rest of the semester, earning us an invitation to compete at the next level.

This simulation was more intensive; we had to make daily decisions instead of weekly decisions. With final exams that week, it was difficult for us to mimic our former victory so we ranked somewhere in the middle. Overall it was great experience for me and my teammates for us to become familiar with the same decision-making process used by large international firms.

The spring semester of my sophomore year, I decided to take another class with Dr. Drischler, International Political Economy. After that class I decided to add a major in economics. In the spring semester of my junior year I studied at the London School of Economics and interned for the British Member of Parliament David Amess. I wrote my dissertation abroad on the current British collation government’s international development policy.

In my senior year, I was part of the student-managed Alex. Brown Investment Fund, where I was the head of consumer discretionary stocks.

Campus Involvement

Q & A

Hometown and high school? Falls Church, VA/George Mason HS

Future plans? I want to go to Law School or Graduate School maybe do possibly do a dual degree program.