Kelsie Jensen

Kelsie Jensen didn’t have to look far when it came time for her to choose a college. The youngest of four Jensens, she simply followed her siblings to Washington College.

Brother Ken, who graduated in 2005, is working toward a Ph.D. in virology at University of Maryland. Sister Courtney, who graduated in 2008, is in a Ph.D. program in immunology at Wayne State Medical School in Michigan. Krista, who graduated in 2010, is pursuing a master’s degree in school psychology at University of Delaware.

“I knew I wanted to be a science major,” Kelsie recalls. “Because my brother and sister were doing well after Washington College, I knew I would have a lot of great opportunities to pursue.”

While Ken and Courtney both majored in biology, Kelsie chose to study chemistry. She wants to earn a Ph.D. and conduct research for a government agency such as NASA or NSA.

“There are so many options for chemists. The critical thinking and analytic skills you learn here can be applied in any scientific setting.”

Each of the Jensens swam, and all three women rowed crew. In her freshman year, Kelsie was among Washington’s top three fastest swimmers in both breaststroke events, and also was the coxswain of the winning varsity four at the Mid-Atlantic Rowing Conference Championships. Her boat was also a semi-finalist in the second varsity eight at the 2009 Dad Vail regatta.

“I like being able to use my physical ability in one sport [swimming] and use my mental ability in another sport,” she says. “As coxswain, you’re the brains of the boat, the eyes and ears. You speak for the boat and keep the boat and the rowers safe.”

When Kelsie graduates, the Jensen family will likely have the biggest cheering section. “My parents love this school and are so proud of all of us,” says Kelsie. “This is a prestigious institution that graduate schools recognize for producing well-prepared students in the sciences.”

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