Michael Drake

Class of 2012
Major/Minor: Economics/Business Management

Campus Involvement

Q & A

Hometown? Woodstown, NJ

High School? Woodstown High School

Favorite dance move? The Moonwalk. It never gets old.

Favorite places to eat? Plaza Tapatia is the place to go for Mexican; it is very close to campus and has quite reasonable prices. If you have a car, check out Cafe Sado on Kent Island for Asian cuisine and sushi. Great atmosphere and stellar food. It’s worth the trip.

Favorite time of day? Morning. The best time to go for a run or take a walk downtown. Plus, who would want to miss breakfast? Not me.

One mistake you made during your first year at WAC? I wish I had gotten involved in more things my first year here. I’m involved in a lot now, but I would have liked to try a bunch of different things early on.

If you were a Disney character, which one would you be? Timon from The Lion King. He seems like someone who worries often, but ultimately lives by “Hakuna Matata”. Also, he’s a meerkat, which is awesome.

Favorite Class at WC? Data Analysis. This class taught me to collect, analyze, and draw significant conclusions from sets of data.

Recommended Professor? Dr. Andy Helms. He is a very intelligent guy who is devoted to his students and keeps class entertaining yet focused. He has a great sense of humor which can be subtle at times. So pay attention, or you might miss one of his witty puns.

Most Memorable Experience as a First-Year Student? Well, living in Somerset was quite an experience…

If I Were an Animal? I would be a monkey and try to evolve into a human.

One Thing You Shouldn’t Forget to Pack? Get a body pillow. They’re just awesome!