Andrew Antonio

Class of 2012
Major/Minor: Business Management, Economics

Andrew Antonio now lives in Fort Collins, CO, and works for Hach Company as an associate product manager. He is part of our cadre of Washington Alumni Admissions Volunteers.

After graduation, Andrew started off his summer backpacking through Europe for two and a half weeks. In that span of time he visited Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza, Rome, Prague, Berlin, Hannover, Amsterdam, and London.

After London, he met Prof. Joseph Prud’homme and 13 WC students for a two-week program on Religion, Politics, and Power at Oxford University, where they spent their time using Oxford’s resources (including full access to the infamous Bodleian Library!) to develop and present individual research projects (his is entitled “How the Buddhist Tradition Deals With Capitalism, Consumerism, and Materialism: Implications for the Future of Sino-Buddhist Relations.”).

“Washington College really shaped who I am today, especially my role as President of the Student Government Association. It was a great way to prove that you’re a leader. That’s what businesses look for: people who can think critically, problem solve, and be a leader,” he says.

A business management major and economics minor, Andrew is a two-term SGA President. In addition to honing his skills in public speaking and team building, he’s also made an impression on Washington College’s alumni.

“The more involved you are, the more access you have to our alumni network,” he explains. Helping students leverage those connections is one of the best things Washington College does. Alumni want to help and they know the caliber of our students.”

In fact, Andrew landed two of his three summer internships with the help of alumni. Andrew first interned for Victory Marketing in Fort Myers, Florida, a start-up run by Andrew’s brother Vinny Antonio ‘04, also a business management major. As a brand ambassador, Andrew worked a 20-city tour for Burt’s Bees skin care products. “It was an invaluable experience, and Vinny was a pretty darn good boss!”

After his sophomore year, Andrew interned for iMany, a Philadelphia-based software company that serves the life sciences industry. As part of the re-branding team, Andrew helped transform the company’s image and messaging.

In spring 2011, Andrew was accepted for an internship position at Hach in Loveland, Colorado. Hach is a subsidiary of Danaher, a Fortune 500 company run by H. Lawrence Culp, Jr., a 1985 graduate of Washington College and a member of the College’s Board of Visitors and Governors. Hach manufactures analytical instruments and reagents for water quality testing and analysis.

After returning from a two-week International Business Experience course in China with Professor Terry Scout, Andrew moved to Colorado, where he enjoyed hiking and rock climbing in his free time.

“Interns are treated well at Hach,” explains Andrew. “Instead of being assigned to a ‘boss,’ I was assigned to a sponsor, a mentor and a coach who were all expected to help me out. I worked for a business unit helping with project management, product development and positioning strategies. I was also asked to define potential markets and the ‘voice of the customer’ for turbidity products used in labs to measure the cloudiness and particles in liquids. We did qualitative and quantitative research; then I presented a report to management.”

Back on campus this fall, Andrew will serve as VP of Marketing & Public Relations for Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), and as Vice President & Social Chair for Theta Chi.

Campus Involvement
  • Major: Business Management
  • Minor: Economics
  • President, Student Government Association 2010-2011
  • VP of Marketing & Public Relations, WC Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)
  • Greek Life: Vice President & Social Chair, Theta Chi (Beta Eta Chapter)
  • Telecounselor, Admissions