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Amber St. Louis

Class of 2011
Major/Minor: Business Management


Campus Involvement

Study Abroad Experience At Bond University

Bond University was my school of choice because of its excellent Business program and the institution’s tropical setting. As a Business Management major, I wanted to seize the opportunity of learning business on a commerce and global level. Additionally, I wanted to expand my knowledge and perspective of Australia’s social, political, economic, and cultural mores. Their tropical climate was a great incentive for me, because it was a two-for-one deal; a vacation combined with education. The idea of sun bathing on the beach while evading the winter here lured me in even more.

My experience at Bond University was like no other experience. It was very rewarding and served as an essential and beneficial part of my college experience. Not only did going to Australia expose me to many people from across the globe, but traveling abroad and studying at Bond also allowed me to discover more about myself on a daily basis. Furthermore, I established lifetime friendships and networks.

Central aspects that appealed to me were the small class sizes and the hands-on tutorials. The variety of courses offered amazed me and my classes were so intriguing that I looked forward to the lectures. Another great aspect at Bond was the flexible course schedule that allowed international students to explore the Gold Coast and other regions of Australia.

Studying at Bond University provided me with a better insight about the world. Equally important, this opportunity has also granted me the privilege to embrace another culture’s customs. I had the time of my life in Australia, from studying to traveling!