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Caitlyn Roykovich

My passions are pretty straightforward. I love learning about other people, their cultures, their ways of life. I believe that the only way to achieve peace is if we understand each other and accept the differences in our cultures. Learning languages, photography, reading and writing are some of my interests. I also like making jewelry. If you ever see a girl driving around in a small green car with the top down, blaring music and singing at the top of her lungs… that’s probably me driving.

Campus Involvement
  • Major: International Studies
  • Concentration: Western European Concentration
  • Languages: I speak French and am currently studying Italian. Spanish is next!
  • Internships: I am doing an internship in the summer of 2010 in Mumbai, India where I collected and analyzed data on the effects of microfinance loans. 

Study Abroad

I’ve studied in Paris and Milan. Both were wonderful! Adjusting to Paris was harder than Milan, even though my French is light years better than my Italian. It took me a long time to get used to the French sense of minding your own business. Not smiling, not engaging people in conversation, and not looking when there’s some sort of disturbance around you took a long time to get used to. I loved every minute, though. I definitely developed a new fashion sense as well.

Q & A

Future plans? I’d like to join the Peace Corps at some point or teach English for a year abroad, then attend law school for international law. One day I hope to work for the State Department, or anywhere, really as long as it involves foreign policy…and traveling. I need a job with plenty of traveling.