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Molly Norris

Class of 2011
Major/Minor: Sociology

Alpha Chi Omega

As Vice President of Education for Alpha Chi Omega Beta Pi, Molly’s duties included ritual practice and the responsibility of welcoming the new members into our chapter along with sisterhood education about the sorority. She continually worked with the newest pledge class, helping the New Members get acquainted being a new Alpha Chi Omega. In addition, Molly created new programs that help to link the new members and current members together.

Q & A

Hometown? Towson, Maryland

Favorite Sociology Course? Social Welfare - I have always wanted to work as a social worker and after taking this class I knew more than ever that I would want to continue on this path. This class opened my eyes to a lot more things that are going on in our society than most people realize.

Why I Majored in Sociology? To be honest, I came into Washington College as a primary education major. After I took Intro to Sociology I feel like it opened my eyes to a lot of things going on in our society that I would have never thought about before. I continued taking Sociology classes and became more and more interested. You can apply everything learned within the Sociology major to real world experiences.

Sociology Thesis

Social Class & Juvenile Delinquency

For my senior thesis I am examining how socioeconomic class affects juvenile delinquency. I am modeling the effects of race, gender, level of participation/ commitment in school, and religiosity on juvenile’s likelihood of committing various deviant acts.

Campus Involvement

Greek Life: Alpha Chi Omega