Danyelle Martin

Class of 2011
Major/Minor: International Studies

Campus Involvement

Q & A

Hometown? Morongo Valley, CA

Favorite thing about Washington College? My favorite thing about WAC would have to be the people. There are so many interesting and wonderful people to get to know - professors, staff members, and of course fellow students.

What would you never leave at home for college? USB flash drive… very handy.

What not to bring to college? I would definitely leave behind some pairs of shoes; you’ll most likely end up wearing a favorite pair of flip flops as much as possible.

Why are you an RA? I love the sense of community found at WAC, and I wanted to become an integral part in that.

Where are you an RA? Queen Anne’s Second Floor - a.k.a. best floor ever!

What is one thing you believe the freshmen should know before coming? Come with an open mind; try something new. There are so many great clubs and groups at WAC. Get involved with something you may have never tried before be it ballroom dance, fencing, or an IM sport.