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Krystin Jansen

Campus Involvement
  • Major: Psychology
  • Program: Premed
  • Concentration: Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Resident Assistant

Q & A

Hometown? Eldersburg, MD

Favorite thing about Washington College? The class sizes and personal interaction with the professors.

What would you never leave at home for college? Decorations to make your room feel like home.

What not to bring to college? Knickknacks and things you really don’t need. They will only take up valuable space in your room.

Why are you an RA? I wanted to be an RA because I had such a wonderful first year experience with my RA and wanted to do the same for the new incoming freshmen.

Where are you an RA? Caroline 3rd Floor

What is one thing you believe the freshmen should know before coming? Have an open mind and be ready to compromise. Living in a 10 X 12 room with someone requires good communication to ensure that you are both happy :)