Rachel Field

Class of 2011
Major/Minor: Environmental Studies / English, Philosophy

Rachel Field is currently entering (Fall 2013) joint programs at Yale University for a Master of Environmental Management and Master of Divinity at Yale School of Divinity.


Why Philosophy? 

Rachel wrote her senior thesis on Intrinsic Value and how it might apply to conservation initiatives like the one around the Spotted Owl (Strix occidentalis). She believes that, “in order to study the environment we also need to study who we are and where we came from.” According to Field, this is why she decided to combine her Environmental Studies major with minors in Philosophy and English. 

Where She is Now…

Since graduation she has volunteered for the Smithsonian Institute as a part of their ongoing study of American Redstarts in Jamaica. She currently works for the Center for Environment and Society at Washington College as the Program Coordinator. At the Center she is able to encourage the study of the environment and what our role as human beings is in that broader environment. 

Future Plans

Rachel hopes to continue studying the intersection between humanity and the more-than-human world. She has plans to attend graduate studies in the near future to further these goals. 

Campus Involvement
  • Major: Environmental Studies
  • Minor: English and Philosophy
  • Concentration: Ornithology