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Brittany Dunbar

Class of 2011
Major/Minor: Business Management/Art

Campus Involvement

Q & A

Hometown? Columbia, MD

High School? Wilde Lake High School

Favorite Class at WC? Organizational Behavior with Professor Harvey because it opened my eyes to how and why different people function the way they do. I think everyone should be required to take this course, not just business majors.

Recommended Professor? Professor Scout because his sarcasm and wit keeps his classes interesting even at 8:30 in the morning!

Most Memorable Experience as a First-Year Student? Meeting my best friend on move-in day and pledging for Alpha Chi Omega.

If I Could be an Animal, I’d be? Some days I’d like to be a hummingbird because they’re beautiful and peaceful. On other days I would definitely want to be a killer whale because they’re intelligent and can individually take out a great white shark, which is pretty sweet.

One Thing You Shouldn’t Forget to Pack is? Definitely don’t forget to have an open mind in terms of new experiences and meeting new people. (and flip flops for the shower!)