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Colleen Duffy

Class of 2011
Major/Minor: Sociology

Campus Involvement

Q & A

Hometown? Washington, DC

Favorite Sociology Class? Variant Behavior - it was an interactive course that examined deviant subcultures through projects, specially the photo journal project, where I focused on Punks. It was a unique perspective for understanding deviant subcultures.

Why I Majored in Sociology? I really love working with people, so understanding people and their relationships allowed me to better comprehend my passions in life. It is also a very broad discipline that can be related to every aspect of human social life. I think that is very important to understand.

Sociology Thesis

Policing Attitudes Towards Stereotypes & Community Policing

My senior capstone looks at ways to lessen selective enforcement towards specific subcultures. Through interviews and library research I use skateboarders as an exemplar subculture to examine these issues. Community policing is examined as a potential model for reducing selective enforcement of marginalized social groups.