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Keenan Wheeler

Class of 2010
Major/Minor: Biology, Chemistry

Campus Involvement
  • Majors: Biology, Chemistry
  • Peer Mentor
  • Parliamentarian: Student Government Association
  • Kappa Alpha Order
  • Beta Beta Beta
  • Omicron Delta Kappa
  • Order of Omega
  • Club Water Polo

Q & A

Hometown and high school? Towson, MD; Loyola Blakefield.

Favorite class? Toxicology with Dr. Reynolds- It put the whole commercial and biological world into a different perspective. This class truly shower how the irresponsibility of the past and present affect our future. You will not necessarily become afraid of everything you touch after taking this class, but you will have your eyes opened. I guarantee it!

Recommended professor? Dr. K(Krochmal) - This guy is here for one reason: the students. He has carefully constructed every lesson he will ever put in front of a classroom in order to poke and prod into the deepest crevices of your cranium. He teaches anatomy, physiology, and a new behavioral ecology course. If you’re interested in majoring or minoring in biology try to take at least one class with Dr. K. Even if you do not retain an ounce of material you will leave the classroom a scientist examining every detail, exploring and asking questions for more.

Most memorable experience as a first-year student? Joining the Men’s Rowing team. I traveled the whole East Coast competing against schools from every corner of the country. One of the most memorable races had to be right at home on the Chester. It was the tail end of March when we hauled our racing shell out of the boathouse and into the snow. There was something primitive, but exciting about lining up next to UMD at the start. Heavier the snowflakes fell. From boy to stern, our knuckles were white and pale blue from the bone-chilling cold. Everything fell silent at the start as the snow fell around us into the dark water of the Chester. The countdown came and we hit it hard at the start giving it everything we had. The race itself was a blur, but I clearly remember the finish. Every second shaved off by the strength and poise of our boat meant being seconds closer to warmth and the feeling back in our hands and feet!

If you could be a condiment, which one would you be and why? OLD BAY of course! Aside from being the best thing to the seasoning isle, it reminds me of home, of picking a bushel of crabs on a cool summer evening, and most importantly it reminds me of spending time with my closest friends and family.

If you had a superpower, what would it be and why? I’d want to be able to do magic. Every person dreams of doing the impossible when they are young. I suppose I have never let that dream die.