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Akin Walker

Class of 2010
Major/Minor: Business Management and Hispanic Studies

My favorite Washington College memory was my time abroad. While living in Granada, Spain, I experienced life in a whole new way. While adapting to the Spanish lifestyle, I made many friends and perfected my fluency in the language.

Who was your favorite faculty member? 

My favorite faculty member is Professor Stein because he always looked out for me. He made Latin culture come alive for me, as he would always speak with me in Spanish or Portuguese without fail. We would often play soccer together as well. One of my favorite memories was of our Bate-papos with other Portuguese students.

How has your liberal arts education influenced you?

My liberal arts education has enabled me to diversify my career path. Since graduating from Washington College, I have been a teacher in Japan, worked as an Office Coordinator for a top commercial real estate firm, and developed a solid career as an inside sales professional.

God has blessed me with a liberal arts education and I am much better off for it.

While in College, I had my sights set on the Hispanic Studies program. My mother at first discouraged this, arguing that such a major would not make me marketable enough to find a decent job once I graduated. After graduating from Washington College with a double major in Business Management and Hispanic studies, I cannot help but positively reflect on the effect the Department of Modern Languages has had on my personal growth and my preparedness for the real world.

As one can imagine, there is a multitude of challenges and cultural nuances that I must accustom myself to in order to adapt. I have gained confidence to put myself in situations where I am forced to learn from my surroundings so that I can grow. I can truthfully say that foreign languages have changed my life.

Undergrad Highlights