Michael Lewis

Class of 2010
Major/Minor: International Studies

I was on the varsity lacrosse team all four years which took up a lot of my time but it was definitely worth the hard work. I played summer league lacrosse after I graduated for fun.

Campus Involvement

Area Studies

I studied at the University of Hull in the United Kingdom. It’s in a small city right on the Hull River. The campus is beautiful and it has a lot of culture and history. It was one of the main port cities in England and hosts an international sailing race. The best part of staying in Hull was the accommodations. They are descent size town houses and they room you with other international students. My roommates were from Italy, Germany, and Bolivia. Not only did I experience England, but I got a taste of other countries as well. I met friends from just about every country I could think of which will make future world traveling easier and more enjoyable. The University also provided cheap transportation to travel around the United Kingdom. I was able to visit many cities such as London, Oxford, and Edinburgh. I wont go into too much detail but the night life was great as well. It’s great going to a country where the drinking age is only 18. I would highly recommend going to the University of Hull.

Q & A

Future plans? I would like to work for the summer and then begin to travel. I’ll go as far as the money I have allows me to, hopefully I make it outside the U.S. After that I plan to start a career, finding one is a little difficult but I have a few leads.