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Erin Hendricken

Campus Involvement

Q & A

Hometown? Ashton, MD

Favorite thing about Washington College? How easy it is to get involved with campus groups. All the other students are so friendly and want new students to get involved!

What would you never leave at home for college? I would NEVER leave my iPod or cell phone at home!

What not to bring to college? Too many clothes.

Why are you an RA? I’m an RA because I want to show others how great Washington College is, and I want to help them make the best of their living accommodations.

Where are you an RA? I’m the RA on the 4th floor of Minta Martin.

What is one thing you believe the freshmen should know before coming? Freshmen should really talk and coordinate with their roommates over the summer. Figure out who will bring what appliances, and just try to get to know each other a little bit. Also know that your RA can give you help and suggestions about living in a dorm.