Bill Steinwedel

Class of 2007

On The Pre-Law Program

Bill Steinwedel grew up watching “Law and Order,” and always imagined himself in the role of district attorney Jack McCoy, played by Sam Waterston.

“I’ve wanted to be a lawyer since I was six years old,” he says. The political science and English major started studying for the LSAT in the spring of his junior year and performed extremely well, scoring in the 96th percentile when he took the test nine months later.

“The LSAT tests you not on constitutional law but on your ability to reason effectively, to think logically, and to make decisions quickly,” Bill says. “That’s why a variety of classes and your ability to read and write critically are so important.”

He was attracted to Washington College by the fact that the pre-law program here is so flexible—he spent a summer abroad in the Hansard Program in Parliamentary Government and also gained certification in secondary teaching to keep his options open. But because he scored so well on the LSAT, Bill went directly to law school full-time, choosing Georgetown from among the several top programs to which he was accepted. He wants to become a prosecutor or do trial advocacy work.

“The pre-law program allowed me to do everything I wanted to do and still graduate in four years,” Bill says. “And the advisors here are very good; they’ll keep you on the right path and make sure you do the things that are required.”