Greg Schaefer

Washington College is a unique environment that affords opportunities unlike anywhere else. Maybe that’s why I “accidentally” became a double major in Political Science and Drama. But there is no doubt in my mind that it was that one-of-a-kind education that prepared me for continuing my work in both of those fields today. After graduating in 2007, I spent some time directing and performing in various theater projects in New York City. These projects included sketch comedy shows, industry showcases and Off-Off Broadway plays. It would not be long however, before my other passion came calling. In 2010 I found myself back in politics, working as a Field Organizer for the late Congressman John Adler’s re-election campaign in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District. Today, I work for One Dream Sound, a full-service live sound rental and production company located in the New York City area. We provide production equipment and assistance to everything from large concerts to fashion shows to theater tours to comedy specials. In addition, I also help run a local political organization which keeps me involved with fundraising and campaign work at the local and state level. The opportunities afforded to me by Washington College gave me the freedom to discover these passions that have turned into lifelong endeavors. I currently live on the Jersey Shore with my girlfriend Rachel Calhoun ‘07 and our dog, Xander.