Brandon Righi

Class of 2007

The research, synthesis, and writing skills I built at WAC are also invaluable to what I do.

How has your liberal arts education influenced you? How do you apply your liberal arts education in your current career?

My liberal arts education has fundamentally shaped how I see the world. I will always be thankful for the layered and nuanced thinking that I learned at WAC. With the help of an LAE, a person can achieve a more holistic understanding of society than someone who has studied only engineering or only economics. 

I’ve observed that if you apply yourself in a LAE program (and pick up some practical business skills while you’re there), you can go into just about any field. Furthermore, people who thrive in an LAE environment and mindset are excellently suited for leadership roles.

My LAE has been useful to my career in several ways. I need to be curious and creative to create new content for my organization, traits that were emphasized by my professors at WAC. The research, synthesis, and writing skills I built at WAC are also invaluable to what I do.

Who was your favorite faculty member? 

Tough call. I really enjoyed Dr. Black’s classes on WWI and Russian history. I also appreciated his emphasis on good writing and grammar, skills that are increasingly rare these days. I learned how to understand (and love) art thanks to Dr. McColl’s energetic lectures, and gained an enlightened view of early American history in Dr. Miller’s classes.

What is your favorite Washington College memory?

Being in an interesting lecture and feeling inspiration strike. Making that connection that I had never made before; feeling a few more mental walls come down, to be replaced with comprehension. This happened many times.

After WAC

From graduate school in history, to living abroad for a year, to taking on the business world in New York City…since graduation my experiences have been diverse and, at times, challenging. But what I find consistently contributes to success are the critical thinking, writing, and social skills––and general open-mindedness––that I gained at Washington College.

Needless to say, I have fond memories.

After WC I attended the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Va., for my Master’s in history. After that came marriage, and an impromptu move to Cork, Ireland, on a one-year work permit (in the midst of the economic crisis, no less). My wife and I luckily found work on the Emerald Isle and had an excellent year of cultural immersion, travel, and, yes, work. Since late 2010 I have lived in the New York City area––a great experience so far.

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Campus Involvement
  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • Cater Society of Junior Fellows
  • Phi Alpha Theta
Graduate school:

MA, History, The College of William and Mary