Kimmy Barron

Class of 2007
Major/Minor: Major: Biology

Kimmy Kraeer Barron ’07 works as a dolphin trainer at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

Based on her undergraduate accomplishments and her post-graduation experiences, Barron landed a full scholarship, plus stipend, to pursue a master’s degree in biology at American University in Washington, DC. In the lab there, she studied the relationship between metabolic rate and tissue turnover in two different strains of rats. She also worked as a teaching assistant for general biology classes, preparing lab lesson plans, setting up and teaching the lab sections, and grading assignments.

She began working at the National Aquarium in Baltimore as an observational volunteer in the summer of 2007, and has since worked in various internship, volunteer, and full-time positions in the Marine Mammal Training department.

“A goal of mine since the age of seven, it truly is amazing to work alongside these highly intelligent animals,” she says. “Visiting the Baltimore Aquarium as a kid was one of my inspirations for entering the biological sciences, and I hope that by being a part of the show, I can help spread the message of environmental conservation to future generations.”


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