Kathryn Belmonte

Class of 2007
Major/Minor: Education, Mathematics, Modern Languages

Kathryn is living and working in France. She recounts her Washington College experience below.

When I started at Washington College, I planned to major in math and complete the secondary education program, but I had no thoughts of majoring in French. I took Introduction to French Literature during my first semester as part of distribution and, by the end of the course, I’d found a new appreciation for the language. The dedicated professors had me interested in the coursework from the beginning, and I always left class feeling like I’d learned something significant.

I spent the fall of my junior year at Université d’Artois in Arras, France where I studied French, art history, and math. Arras, a charming town built in the Flemish style, is rich in history thanks to its connections to World War I. Tunnels under the town that housed soldiers during WWI are open for tours and military cemeteries are just north of the town. Two large squares are the hub of the Arras’s activities, from twice weekly farmers’ markets to a ten-day international film festival held every November. I found the people here in the north of France to be very welcoming and left with many good friends and countless memories.

I so enjoyed the time I spent in Arras that I chose to return after my graduation. For the 2007-2008 school year, I am the lectrice d’anglais at Université d’Artois. This means I give classes in English oral expression to English majors and general English courses to students with other majors. I’m really enjoying this opportunity to perfect my French, to help hundreds of students improve their English, and to travel in Europe. As this year is coming to a close, I’m sad to think that it’s time to leave so my students are reminding me of the French expression “jamais deux sans trois,” which means something that happens twice is guaranteed to happen a third time.

If I look back to my senior year in high school, I never could have imagined that just five years later I would be living and working in France. I owe this wonderful opportunity to the French program at Washington College.

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