Lindsay Bell

Class of 2007

Undergrad Highlights

Cater Society Of Junior Fellows Research

As a major in International Studies, I have always been fascinated with India. With the aid of a Douglass Cater Society of Junior Fellows Grant, I was able to travel to India to observe and study the effects of globalization. My project combined my fascination with Indian culture as well as my more newly developed passion in studying economics, business and globalization. During the course of my travels to Cochin, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Agra, I met with technology companies as well as nongovernmental organizations to conduct my research.

I found that parts of India were affected by globalization differently. However, Bangalore was the most globalized city. Bangalore offers attractive tax breaks as well as a more streamlined bureaucracy that appeals to foreign direct investments as well as Indian companies. One particular company in Chennai was started exclusively in India and currently serves many high profile American customers. It leads the way in India’s movement towards reverse globalization as well as in revenue and development of software and technology solutions.

Although a number of Indians benefit from the profits brought in by globalization, a significant percent are left behind. The nongovernmental organizations that I had to the opportunity to visit play a role in mitigating the negative effects of globalization. Because of the vast number of people and limited resources, addressing the problems associated with globalization are best tackled on the small scale with community-based initiatives and nongovernmental organizations. USAID also play an important role by facilitating partnerships with private industries in the US.