Elizabeth Schaaf

Class of 2006
Major/Minor: Sociology

Elizabeth (Biz) Schaaf just received her license in social work in January. She is currently living and working in Philadelphia at ActionAIDS as a case manager. Biz is thrilled to be heading back to WaC for her five year reunion but doesn’t really feel she’s been away all that long.

I’m glad to have I majored in sociology instead of social work as an undergraduate, since the well-rounded education and has given me a true advantage in my grad level courses. The emphasis on writing and public speaking at WC has been especially helpful. I told Dr. Cades when I graduated that I had been so unsure about starting college and moving forward with my life after high school. But when I sat in his office, surrounded by all those books about this topic that I felt so passionate about, I knew I had made the right decision. I loved majoring in sociology and I wouldn’t do anything different if I went back… except maybe work a little harder!

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