Lindsay Hutchinson

Class of 2006
Major/Minor: Sociology

After graduation from Washington College, I enrolled in Salisbury University where I obtained my Master of Social Work in May 2008.

Throughout my two years there, I had the opportunity to work with two great agencies through my internships and gained much knowledge into the field of social work. I am currently a Licensed Social Worker and will be eligible to test for the Licensed Clinical Social Worker this spring. After graduation from Salisbury, I moved back home to New Jersey where I landed a job with the Juvenile Justice Commission working with their incarcerated adolescent male population in one of the community programs. I knew I always wanted to work with juveniles but did not expect to enjoy this job when I first began. However, 2 years later, I’m still here and really love what I do. It’s one of the most challenging populations in the field but also the most rewarding.

The Washington College Sociology faculty made an impact on my life and helped guide my decision of what to do after graduation. The internship I participated in senior year was what really made me choose to pursue Social Work as a career. In particular, the internship class, held with Professor Barrell, is what sticks out most when I think of my time as a student there. The insight shared among the small group of students as well as the experiences discussed from our various field placements reinforced all of our decisions to pursue a career in the helping profession. Professor Barrell was instrumental in leading those discussions.

I do hope the Sociology department continues to grow and offers the students a variety of internships to experience, as the hands on fieldwork is what I feel had the most impact on my future career choices.