Katie Grayce

Class of 2006
Major/Minor: Sociology

I miss Washington College but a lot has changed since I have left WAC and it has definitely been a journey in itself. I have taken a leap of faith and decided to chase after my dreams (the kind of dreams you dream up as a little kid) but my sociology major has definitely assisted me in my adventures! I have been pursuing a singer/songwriter career since shortly after graduating from WAC. I have always loved singing, writing, and music my whole life but also observing and learning about different cultures. I was given an opportunity shortly after graduating to write a hook(chorus) for a hip hop artist and having a sociology major under my belt was always a plus.

Sociology has played an important role in my adventure and career. I have had to work with people from all different cultures, ages, families, neighborhoods, and working in a field that is run mostly by men has been an interesting challenge. I have worked with producers from Def Jam, collaborated with signed artists, done shows at colleges, attended music conferences, handled business contracts, and I just signed a manager, and hopefully will have one of my songs on the radio soon. I have been forced to look at myself in regards to where and how I grew up so in turn it has forced me to grow up and also be thankful from where I have come from. When you are dealing with people who come from all different backgrounds on a daily basis and doing business with them, everyday turns into a sociology lesson or observation and I am constantly learning about society everyday.

The best advice I was given was to pick a major that you love and to pick a field you really want to learn more about. I have always loved dissecting American Culture and especially the hip hop culture. I wrote my senior thesis on “Why Does Hip Hop Music Find a Ready Audience in White Suburban Teenagers and what is that impact of that influence.” I have now entered the hip hop culture full force and I would love to re-write or write another thesis since I have really become a part of the culture vs. studying the culture from the outside. Sociology taught me the complexity of cultures, subcultures, trends, class, race, and gender and the important roles they play in our daily lives. The music world and pop culture in general is a funnel of all of those things combined but perspective is the most important thing to remember and not forget.

I have learned to look at my perspective on culture but also other people’s perspective from their own culture. Sociology is something that could be applied to any career path because we are living sociology right now. Our Society is a science and I am hoping my music will appeal to the masses.