Eric Blumenthal

Class of 2006
Major/Minor: Business Management

Eric Blumenthal ‘06 has been working at the Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, Georgia, since his high school days.

That may have helped him get his foot in the door when it came time to apply for a full-time position, but it was his knowledge of the food service industry he learned as a b usiness student at Washington College that gave him the leg up on the competition. One of 250 candidates applying for an account manager position to begin right out of college, he was one of 30 selected to fly to California for two-day round of interviews, and one of only eight offered a position.

Eric, who played basketball and was captain of the varsity team in his senior year, is now an account manager with 600 clients in his portfolio.

“For my senior thesis in business management, I did a comparative study of Wendy’s and KFC,” Eric recalls. “I think that helped me in the interview process because I could talk so knowledgably about the food service industry. They were also looking at applicants’ time management skills. Successfully juggling four classes, my commitment to the basketball team and an independent research project clearly demonstrated that I know how to set priorities and meet my goals.”