Molly Williams

Molly (Class of ‘04.5) has been playing guitar for about 15 years, writing original stuff for around 10 years, and singing since she could speak. At WAC, she was a Zeta, head of the Musicians Union for a few years, and organized several cover shows (Beatles, Grateful Dead) as well as tons of fun open mics. She played solo all through college as Mollypop, founded the band The Deciders after college, and since then has been playing solo or with groups in the Baltimore/East Coast region whenever she gets the chance.

She is hoping that this Reunion show will be the kickoff for a summer tour of sorts, and is also hoping to link up with some fellow musicians and perhaps start a new band… and it will have a grand, glorious name. Like Mountain Beast. Oh wait, tried that already. In her spare time, she messes around with banjo, drums, fiddle, bass, mandolin, and whatever other string instrument she can get her paws on. Check out her (not recently updated) website and enjoy the show!