Rachel Deller Derm ‘05

Class of 2005
Major/Minor: Sociology

After graduating from WC, I took a job at a medical supply company working in Accounting. I really liked the business aspect of things and went and got a Master’s degree in Accounting and Financial Management from the University of Maryland. I now work for a defense contractor in program planning and financial control.

This is definitely not where I thought I’d end up after getting my Sociology degree but I wouldn’t change a thing. I LOVED Washington College and the Sociology department. The understanding of social activity and welfare as well as the writing and analytical skills I picked up are invaluable no matter what profession you end up with. When the people I work with find out my undergrad degree is in Sociology they are always fascinated and really interested in how I ended up where I am.

Tell your new students not to run and hide over the senior thesis. I was worried about it, but if you are interested in the subject it can be a very rewarding learning experience and really shows you what you’re capable of getting done!

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