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Lindsay Pollock

Class of 2004

Development Researcher

Lindsay secures, compiles, and manages publicly-available information to assist in fundraising efforts. She is a 2004 graduate of Washington College with a Bachelor’s degree in English and earned a Master of Library Science from the University of Maryland in 2005.

Wellness Champion Spotlight

Last year the decision to make a major lifestyle change in my life was forced upon me after a trip to the doctor revealed that my cholesterol was higher than it should be. I knew I had a family history but thought I was too young to worry about such things. It meant changing my sedentary lifestyle and my diet the old fashioned way. No diet scams or pills, just healthier food, portion control, and exercise. A friend and I had already started walking the track at lunchtime so we slowly transitioned our walks to include light jogging. Before I knew it we could run a mile which had seemed an impossible goal when we first started. Around this same time I noticed all the classes the College was offering like zumba, lunchtime CORE, and spinning. I first joined in feeling nervous and self-conscious, but quickly saw there was no reason to feel that way. The classes were welcoming and supportive. I’ve met some great new friends and can now burn 500 calories in a single spin class.

The Washington College Wellness programs are not just about a variety of exciting workouts. They’re also about people working together to achieve a likeminded goal: to be healthier. Some people are trying to lose weight, some to gain muscle, and others just burn off some stress. We all help each other. That combined with amazing instructors really keeps me coming back. The instructors push us to do more than we think we can but never more than we can handle. Achieving my workout goals, whether small or large, makes me feel so good about myself. Even though I’ve encountered some minor setbacks along the way I know I am capable of pushing through.

Now 20 pounds lighter, I don’t dread the cholesterol checkup and my workouts have become a natural part of my day. I used to throw my back out periodically but since doing the CORE class I feel stronger than ever and haven’t once felt the back pain. I workout 6 days a week and am training to run my first 5K race in April. My small goals have morphed into large goals. I want to continue to lose weight, become even stronger, and am considering a half-marathon. It’s not just about physical health; mentally I am more focused and after a lunch time workout I return to my desk re-energized, happier and calmer. It may have taken a minor health scare to get me moving, but now I could never go back to my old ways. I truly have the WC wellness programs to thank for giving me not just the opportunity for new workout routines but also for the guidance and encouragement to keep me going strong. I implore others who have been thinking about adding exercise to their lives to make this change. I couldn’t believe how much the benefits exceeded my expectations.

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