Brian Desaulniers

Regional Alumni Chapter Leader

Mardel (Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico & Worcester Counties, MD, and Sussex County, DE)


Brian always excelled in the sciences. Yet one of the most valuable classes this premedical student took in his college career was not biology or physics or chemistry, but an English class.

Desaulniers participated in Richard Gillin’s summer session at Kiplin Hall, a three-week excursion to England and Ireland that combined mountain hiking with the study of Romantic poetry.”We learned a lot about William Wordsworth, Seamus Heaney and the Brontes, but I think we learned even more about ourselves,” Desaulniers said. “It was awe-inspiring to climb the second-highest mountain in England, and then to climb the highest mountain in Ireland. Meeting that kind of challenge does something to you. It’s a metaphor for what you do in life, what it takes to get to medical school.”

Brian earned his medical degree from University of Maryland at Baltimore, and now works in emergency medicine in Salisbury, Md.