Minty Abraham Wade

Class of 2004
Major/Minor: Political Science

Following her graduation as a political science major in 2004, Minty Abraham entered the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA) at the University of Pittsburgh, where she earned a master’s degree in International Affairs with a concentration in Intelligence Studies.

In this rigorous program, she spent a semester in Washington, DC, where she worked full-time at the State Department, and also interned with the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), which is where she works today.

As a GAO analyst, she has had the opportunity to review the efficiency of several government programs, including the U.S. foreign military financing to Egypt, alien detention in the U.S., the U.S. Armed Forces conscientious objector process, and foreign military sales to Iraq. Her work allows her to collaborate with agency officials at all levels of government in order to improve efficiency and to provide fact-based, timely, and objective products to Congressional clients.

Minty credits her success, in part, to her start at Washington College, where she notes that the political science major offered a variety of courses that allowed her to develop critical skills she uses in her current job. She also notes that the faculty were essential to her academic development: “I love that my professors were available to counsel me on critical decisions such as selecting a capstone topic and deciding on which graduate school to attend. I appreciate that they really care about their students and wanted them to succeed, and helped them to do so.” She also appreciated the learning opportunities provided by the department outside of the classroom, such as model programs, conferences, internships and the exposure to prominent practitioners in the field. “Overall,” reports Minty, “all of these opportunities enriched my experience at Washington College and helped prepare me for a career in public service.”

Minty encourages political science students at WAC to develop their communication skills—both written and oral—and to take advantage of the ample opportunities provided by the department and the college to develop core competencies. She says, “Before you graduate from WAC, I challenge you to study abroad, volunteer with a local service organization, learn or enhance your foreign language skills and complete an internship. Finally, join one of the model organizations—it will definitely improve your oral communication and negotiation skills!”