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Jolene Lehr

On The Washington Fund

“Giving to The Washington Fund is about building the future, but it’s also an investment in my history. I want to always be proud that I graduated from Washington College.”

Jolene Lehr, a young publishing professional living in the Boston area, supports those institutions that have shaped who she is today-for example, her church, the local museum, public television and Washington College. “I definitely believe in giving back,” she says, “and I think of it as an investment in the make-up of who I am.”

As a more recent alumna, she’s also market-savvy. “Higher education is a competitive industry these days, and colleges have to work hard to remain attractive to students on all levels,” she says, “including academic programs, athletics and infrastructure. If we’re not moving ahead, we can easily fall by the wayside. When you consider our small alumni base and our relatively modest endowment, you realize that every dollar counts and every contributor matters.”