Matt Kory

Matthew received his B.A. in English and History from Washington College and his M.A. in City & Regional Planning from The University of Pennsylvania (‘08).

He has worked as a community planner creating and assisting on zoning and planning regulations for numerous cities and townships in Montgomery County, PA.

Matt is a stay-at-home dad to two three-year-old sons as well as a writer for Baseball Prospectus where he writes the daily “Hit List” feature. The “Hit List” has been called “the best baseball power rankings on the internet,” “gut-bustingly funny,” and “a pointless waste of time” by Matt’s parents. He further writes the “Out of Left Field” column which appears weekly on Mondays and for the Red Sox blog, Over The Monster, where he analyzes the ups, downs, and horizontal lurches of the Olde Towne Team four times a week along with a talented team of other writers who often wonder how, in fact, he got the job in the first place (he knows people who know people is the answer). He has been published in the e-book “The Hall of Nearly Great,” and will be published in the up-coming Baseball Prospectus e-book, “The Call Up.”

He lives in Portland, OR, with his two sons, his cat Alee, and his beautiful wife, Stephanie, who’s hard work and love makes all the above possible.

Additional Info

The SB Nation Red Sox website - Look for Matt’s podcast and weekly column (usually posted on Wednesdays).

Baseball Prospectus - One of the preeminent analytical baseball websites. Look for Matt’s author page and daily “Hit List” feature.

The e-book, “The Hall of Nearly Great

The e-book, “The Call Up