Luther Wills-Dudich

Class of 1995
Major/Minor: Political Science

Luther ‘Duder’ Wills-Dudich got fascinated by the sound of organs at an early age, finding the sound of a church pipe organ with all the stops out to be the most trancendant ‘religious’ experience possible.  Later, he started playing keyboards in high school, inspired by the likes of Ray Manzerek of the Doors, Garth Hudson of The Band, and Rick Wright of Pink Floyd.  In what should seem an obvious move, he bought a Hammond Porta-B organ, which was soon dubbed “the Black Beast” by his WAC bandmates who had to help move the thing around.  He played that Hammond organ in a band that played around WAC from 1992 to 1994, usually calling itself “Botch!” based on the joke that “Botch—because that’s what we do to the songs.”  It was at times sloppy, it was for the most part covers, but it was rock and roll—a glorious fun noise. 

Before he graduated from WAC in 1995 with a B.S. in Political Science, he was also the founder of the Washington College Musicians’ Union, which has been sponsoring on-campus practice spaces and student band shows ever since.

He later went on to play that Hammond organ and guitar with a band called the Number Nine Line in the clubs of Baltimore in the late ’90s.  He was the co-writer with his twin brother Davy of all their original songs.  They recorded one EP and a track for a tribute album to British eccentric singer-songwriter Robyn Hitchcock. 

In 1999, the Number Nine line pulled into its last stop, and with the end of the band he stopped doing music.  A fractured wrist soon after the last gig was a large influence on that decision, as was some of the now hard-to-find tubes in the Black Beast giving out.

However, in 2004, some of the core musicians of Botch! reunited and started writing original songs.  After playing a few gigs, they folded.  But it was enough to get him playing again. He has since played bass guitar and sang with a Buddhist chorus in the DC area.  He has also been playing off and on with some of his former Number Nine Line bandmates.

Outside of musical stuff, he lives in Silver Spring and makes his living as a web developer for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Campus Involvement