Arian Ravanbakhsh

Class of 1989
Major/Minor: Political Science

Every single day I use something from my WC education, be it writing skills, the ability to think critically, to understand a different point of view, or to appreciate an artistic work.

My work now involves thinking about the challenges the federal government has in managing and preserving the large amount of electronic records it creates. This is a challenge with many facets and a strong liberal arts education allows me to see, and think about this in different ways.

Who was your favorite faculty/staff member? Story?

They were all wonderful! Though, picking one, it would have to be Dr. Dan Premo. I really think he challenged my thinking in ways that I may not have realized at the time, but appreciate now.

What is your favorite Washington College memory?

In order to get the Pegasus on campus by the end of the academic year, the deadline for most of the pages tended to coincide with Finals week for the Fall semester. I remember many long nights going back and forth from laying out yearbook pages by hand (well before electronic publishing) and studying. And it always seemed to be a week of very little sleep. In my senior year, while listening to the radio play Little Drummer Boy for what had to be the 15th time that evening, the staff kind of lost it and started screaming. Quite therapeutic! To this day, when I hear that song around the Holiday season, I think of that night in the Pegasus office, then in the basement of Reid Hall.

Campus Involvement
  • Chair of Alumni Board, 2016-2018
  • Community of Students & Alumni
Undergrad Highlights
  • Editor of Pegasus, ’87, ’88, and ’89 editions
  • Writer for Elm, ’87-’89
  • Omicron Delta Kappa, ’89
  • Parliamentarian, SGA, ’88-’89