Bridget Cowie

Class of 1987
Major/Minor: Psychology

Since Graduation:  I moved to DC in 1990, met my husband, Mike, in 1991, and got married in 1994. After a brief career in fundraising, I “retired” when my son Brendan (16) was born. In addition to Brendan, I have twins, Kate and Colin (14) and Leo (11). All four kids play lacrosse, and I have enjoyed crossing paths with WC friends at tournaments and games over the years. When I am not driving to practice or sitting at games, I play some tennis and golf, and volunteer at my church and my kids’ schools.

Memories: Going to Miss Dee’s for dinner on a Sunday night, taking Dr. Gillin’s English classes, having lunch with my dad at the Old Wharf, taking day trips to Easter Neck Island, walking through the graveyard to the Vern, working at the library, hanging out in the fire lane, sitting on the dock at the boathouse and beating Hobart!