Bonnie Hoffman

Winter 2012 Update

I am a romance novelist and this is my blog for my writing personae - Vivienne Courtoise. Many of my classmates recall me reading my romance pages during Bob Day’s Creative Writing class. Well, I am still writing novels. (I’ve written over 20 and am trying to get published this year, now that my children are grown up). My articles are about my passion for writing historical romance novels and the writing process. I write every article for this blog.

After receiving grants for my daytime job—an elementary school teacher for Chicago Public Schools—I started two additional blogs. I received a grant from Colonial Williamsburg to visit there for 6 days last summer and created—Revolutionary, My Dear George—to discuss the history of our country up to and including the revolution. It is a work in progress because I add to it every day. I write all the articles for this blog.

My last blog I created when I wrote a grant for Fund for Teachers and WON! I convinced two other teachers to come along with me to Philadelphia and DC to see where we began as a country and where we are now. The We Three Teachers blog followed our journey and now showcases American history. I update this blog daily as well and write all the articles.