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Claire Golding

The 1980 Sophie Kerr Winner


Claire Mowbray Golding was first paid for working with words in July 1982, when she moved to Worcester, MA. After six months as a freelance writer, bookstore clerk and school lunch menu typist, she talked her way into a job at the only publishing company for miles: Davis Publications, a family-owned publisher of educational resources for art teachers. There she got a by-the-seat-of-her pants education in el-hi publishing, and it was so interesting that she stayed until 2006.

During that time, she was a restaurant reviewer, wrote freelance articles for newspapers and magazines, won some poetry contests, and had her first book published. Claire is the co-author of two books: What’s That Bird? (with Joseph Choiniere, Storey Publishing, 2005) and Communicating through Graphic Design (with Kevin Gatta, Davis Publications, 2009).

She is currently working with a co-author on a history of graphic design and is independently pursuing an historical novel for young readers. She lives her freelance life as the sole employee of Salamander Crossing Editorial Services in Princeton, MA.