Sallie Lilienthal ’70

Class of 1970
Major/Minor: International Studies

There is no doubt that my liberal arts education helped me to be a critical thinker.

How has your liberal arts education influenced you? How do you apply your LAE in your current career?

There is no doubt that my liberal arts education helped me to be a critical thinker. It helped me to see the big picture but also showed me the need for outstanding execution. I believe it helped me create options for myself throughout my career, as noted by the various roles I have held professionally. And it helped me build my confidence so I could comprehend that I could do anything I set my mind to doing.

Who was your favorite faculty/staff member? Story?

Dr. An was my major advisor who gave us all an amazing perspective on SE Asia.

Probably my most impactful experience was taking the Senior Seminar in Philosophy with Dr. Tapke and 3 other students (normally this class was reserved for Senior Philosophy majors but since there was only one that year, other majors were allowed in). We decided to study Existentialism, culminating in the visit to the campus, and to our class, of Victor Frankl. To this day I recall fondly our Thursday evening “classes”, and all the books we read that semester!

What is your favorite Washington College memory?

Falling in love for the first time! And meeting some wonderful women friends.

Did your Senior Capstone Experience (or thesis project) have a major influence on your future career or your personal growth? If so, please explain what your SCE entailed and how it influenced who or where you are today.

I remember that IA was one of the very few majors where a thesis was required. It was difficult, I remember that! It showed me the importance of connecting the dots, and of writing so my meaning is clear to whomever read the paper. It was good practice for my Master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation!

Campus Involvement
  • Alpha Chi Omega
Graduate School:

U. Md, MA in Counseling, UNC, doctorate in Organizational Behavior

Why Volunteer?

When you ask Sallie Moniot Lilienthal ’70 to explain why she volunteers for WC, she’ll give you a simple answer: “I was asked, and I was anxious to spread the word about Washington College.” Sallie signed-up to Chair her 40th reunion for the Class of 1970, leading the reunion class charge in donor participation for the 2010 Reunion Challenge.

“Washington College is a diamond in the rough. I want everyone to know about it.”

When Sallie agreed to volunteer, she didn’t realize that she would get so much back in return. Volunteering gave her the opportunity to re-connect with so many of her close friends from the past with the added benefit of establishing new friendships with classmates she did not know all that well while attending college.

“It’s great to see how this institution has evolved to become so vibrant. For instance, we never had the opportunities on the Chester River that the students have today,” Sallie explained.

Sallie came to WC as a sophomore transfer student after a miserable freshman year at another institution. She then came to Washington College where she found unique experiences and a newfound confidence. As an International Studies major, WC gave her the opportunity to explore other disciplines and develop lifelong relationships with faculty. She explained, “Professor Peter Tapke was exemplary in hosting weekly student gatherings at his home to discuss the book of the week. One of the most amazing experiences was being able, at Professor Tapke’s invitation, to sit down with Viktor Frankl, Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist as well as a Holocaust survivor to discuss his writings. Where else but Washington College could something like that occur?”

Sallie simply states, “Washington College is a diamond in the rough. I want everyone to know about it.” To volunteer on your class’s Reunion Committee, complete a Volunteer Inquiry Form.


Sallie Moniot Lilienthal is an accomplished operating executive and an active organizational advisor. Her consulting practice consists of assisting organizations to improve both financial and operational effectiveness, as well as coaching senior leaders to improve their leadership capabilities and to prepare them for their new or next assignment. Industries that Sallie has worked with include insurance and benefit administration, financial services, office products, agricultural products, food and retail.

Prior to starting her own consulting practice, Sallie was the General Manager of the Central Region for Lee Hecht Harrison, a $200 Million international human resources consulting firm. In her role as Managing Director, she was responsible for the P & L’s of 11 offices with annual revenue of over $40 Million, including the Minneapolis Office where she was based. During her tenure, the Minneapolis Office received LHH’s highest distinction, Office of the Year, on two occasions, as well as the company’s highest distinction for Quality Service Delivery. Additionally, she was the National Practice Leader for LHH’s services oriented to the very senior leaders of organizations. Prior to this, Sallie was a principal in a boutique consulting firm that she sold to LHH.

Sallie’s management and consulting roles cap a series of line management assignments at First Bank System, now US Bancorp. At First Bank, she built and managed the largest and most profitable high technology practice of any bank between Chicago and the West Coast. In addition, she has an extensive marketing and consulting background from her work with Xerox Corporation at its International Management Development Center, as well as Gamble Skogmo and Fieldcrest Mills.

Sallie currently sits on the Board of Management Communication Systems, the creators of InTouch, an award winning internal communication tool that is designed to enhance an organization’s productivity, profitability and compliance. She has also served as the Chief Operating Officer and Board Member for a start-up organization in the food industry and as a Board Member of Automated Member Services, a firm that provides mall-based universal gift registry systems for retailers. Sallie has been a Board member of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, where she chaired the Finance Committee for six years and led the Contract Negotiating Committee, and of the Basilica of St. Mary, where she also chaired the Finance Committee.

Sallie holds a doctorate in Organizational Behavior from the University of North Carolina, where she was the first woman to complete the Leadership Development program offered in conjunction with the Center for Creative Leadership. She also holds an MA in Counseling from the University of Maryland and a BA in International Studies from Washington College. She is the author of the book No Expectations, Mon!, a chronicle of her experience building her dream home in the Caribbean (

Sallie resides in Minneapolis with her husband, Peter, who is a business owner and restaurant critic; their daughter, Annie, is an attorney with White and Case in D.C..