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Christina Clark-Rohde

1968 Sophie Kerr Winner


Christina Clark Rohde is a fiction writer and journalist whose news stories and features have appeared in the newspapers of New York and New Jersey. Chris has lately returned to her novels and short stories, publishing them as e-books. Her collection of short stories, Sidestreets, is now available for Kindle on Amazon as is Endtime Policeman, published August 2013. Her newest publication, The Sword in the Forest, was released on 11/12/13.

In the 1960s and ’70s, Chris worked in radio (traffic, WRVR) and in publishing (editorial, Dial, Little Brown) when it was still “the gentleman’s profession.” In the 1970s, she was elected vice president of one of the largest municipal labor unions and later worked for the New York City Mayor’s office before taking an appointment in the Courts of New York State.

She stepped down as Warden of the Grand Jury in 1984 to stay home and raise her two daughters—the youngest of whom (Margaret Rohde ‘12) graduated from Washington College in 2012 as an environmental studies major.


Christina Clark Rohde Interview from May 2012