David Smith

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Upon graduation, enlisted in Army Security Agency for three year tour of duty, two of which spent in Japan. Last 9 months spent with Barbara Maxwell Smith ‘64  for our “Hardship Honeymoon”.

Upon return to states, began my career in medical insurance sales with Aetna Life & Casualty, with first assignment in South Bend, Indiana for 9 years. Highlight is family expansion to four with addition of son, Darren, and daughter, Stacy.

Transfer to W. Bloomfield, Michigan, northwest of Detroit in 1975 by Aetna for next 9 years. Experience “close encounter” with a tornado after 6 months in new home; ironic after surviving for 9 years in Indiana, area of numerous tornados with no direct exposure.

Transfer to Berwyn, Pennsylvania, northwest of Philadelphia in 1984 which we still call home. Experience growth of family with 3 granddaughters and 1 grandson.

Retired in 2005 to concentrate on family and commitment to volunteerism in form of Lions Clubs International and related organizations primarily concerned with the blind and vision impaired.

Hobbies include walking (25 miles per week) and reading.

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