Charles Sebastyan

After graduating WC, I learned 2 things namely that I didn’t have 20/20 vision (couldn’t be a pilot) and that the insurance business was not my calling.  Consequently, I went back to school and earned a degree in Mechanical/Industrial Engineering from NJIT in Newark, N.J.  Upon graduation, I entered the Plastic Packaging Field as a Process Engineer for Eli Lilly in their Research & Development Lab.  I continued to work in the packaging field for the next 40 years for National and Continental Can Co. in various capacities like Field Service Supervisor, Plant Engineer, Plant Manager, and finally Project Manager of New Products & Processes.  These positions exposed me to many scientfic disciplines, materials, and processes that the general public wouldn’t know what went into making a plastic container. Without the basic fundamentals that I obtained from WC, I would never have had the educational and career opportunities to grow as a person, meet people from different walks of life and/or travl internationally.  It also provided a decent living and helped my ego with respect to awards earned internally and externally of the companies I worked for.

I married Anne Lovell (1963) on Oct 1971 and have 4 children named Anne, Mary, Charles, & John.  We have currently have 5 grandchildren.