Robert Leitch

Class of 1962

Robert Leitch has served as one of the chairs of his 50th class reunion.

After WC, I attended Rutgers University where I earned a PhD in chemistry. While in grad school, I married Diana Dibble ’65. We have a daughter, Melinda, who lives and teaches in Colorado with her family. We have 2 grandkids (both of whom have recently won National Geographic Hands-On Explorer Challenges which earned them international travel adventures with NatGeo photographers and scientists).

I worked my whole career with E.I. duPont de Nemours and retired as a Research Fellow and Manager of International Licensing and Technology-Transfer. While with duPont, we lived 5 years in Geneva, Switzerland. We loved international living and travel, which we still do often (55+ countries and still going). Much of our travel has involved “the road less traveled,” including some weird, wonderful (as well as scary) experiences.

In my “music phase” I played bass and guitar, and sang in bluegrass, folk and country bands. I’m still active in local jam sessions.

In retirement, I’ve actively continued my many hobbies/interests in biking, fishing, gardening, golf, hiking, music, photography (nature and travel, and as member of Delaware Photographic Society), running, shooting (pistol, rifle, shotgun & archery), silversmithing, and skiing and more travel. And, of course, there’s always something new to learn about.


  • The unforgettable, overwhelming aroma of the Vita Foods pickle vats wafting over the athletic field during morning phys. ed. classes.
  • Kingston Trio’s “Tom Dooley” – played on my clock radio, every morning of my freshman year, at 7 AM. “…hang down your head and die, poor boy!”
  • The dreaded (every) Saturday morning freshman chemistry tests, compliments of Dr. Joe McLain.
  • Spring on campus- what a wonderful time of year (and of life)!
  • The slightly slower style of life in Chestertown (not as remote, small and rural as my “hometown,” but comfortable and memorable).
  • Ready access to fishing, goose and duck hunting “on the Sho.’”
  • Can you believe we kept firearms in our rooms? (And we all lived to tell about it… Actually, there was nothing to tell… times were simpler, then).
  • Water bomb fights in the dorms as the weather warmed up.
  • The unspoken “advantages” of being a chem. major… (read, access to grain alcohol).
  • The special “feeling” of Chesapeake Tidewater, Eastern Shore, Maryland history.
Campus Involvement

1962 WC Class Agent/Representative 10+ years.

WC Magazine Appearances

“A Day With the Dinosaurs”, Spring, 2003

“Still So Much To Learn”, Winter, 2012

Class Correspondent

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Hockessin, DE 19707-9361
Phone: 302-239-7877