Paul Kesmodel

Class of 1962

A member of the class of 1962, Paul Kesmodel was admitted to the Maryland Bar Association in 1965. 

He Admitted to Georgia Bar Association, 1968 and relocated to Duluth, Georgia in 1966 as claims attorney with a surety company for the southeast. Paul then began full-time private practice in1970. He worked in a general practice but also representing the City of Duluth as City Attorney from 1970-1986 and served as City Recorder’s Court Judge, City of Duluth, 1970-1986. Paul was also on the Board of Directors of Bank of Duluth, which became Bank South Gwinnett County for approximately 10 years.

His law practice consists of a general commercial practice, including a heavy emphasis on all types of real estate, particularly commercial real estate contracts, business entity formation, estates, wills and trusts, estate planning, commercial litigation, landlord and tenant, and represents local community banks (no criminal, no domestic, no personal injury and no workman’s comp). Paul is currently still active in full-time law practice.


Born 1940. Married October 1962 to Patricia Davis of Galena, Md for 49 years Three daughters, seven grandchildren (two grandsons and 5 granddaughters). Born and raised on the eastern shore of Maryland. Graduated from Washington College with B.A. and then Dickenson School of Law with Juris Doctor degree in 1965.


Member of Duluth JC’s in late 1960’s - early 1970’s. Served one year on Duluth City Council prior to becoming City Attorney. While member of Duluth United Methodist Church, served as Chairman of the Pastor Parish Committee and as Chairman of the Official Board. Joined Perimeter Church in 1980 and have been active in various components of ministries of Perimeter Church from time to time.

Presently President of Duluth Hands of Christ Cooperative Ministry and served in that capacity for the last 3 years (just re-elected for fourth term) and in connection with that ministry, about four and a half years ago was instrumental in helping that ministry move from a 1,000 square foot rented space into a 9,000 square foot warehouse purchased from a bank post-foreclosure, and have been active in rehabbing the old warehouse and acting in the capacity of General Contractor for general clean-up, coordination of volunteers from various civic groups so as to repair damage and doing physical work with volunteers to install interior walls and including construction of new bathrooms and storage facilities, demising walls and coordination of various other contractors to repair damaged exterior sheet metal, obtaining donation of heating and air conditioning systems for the ministry. Coordinating other contractors, plumbing and electrical to install additional bathroom facilities, installation of suspended ceiling and new lighting, upgrading electrical to current codes, and in cooperation with the managing director of the co-op, working with various civic groups, obtaining sufficient donations that the entire debt on the building was paid in full in a little over three and a half years. Currently involved with the co-op in rehabbing the basement level in preparation for its opening as a thrift shop, including demolition of a complete exterior lower wall and obtaining contracts and contracting services for other portions of the work not capable of being performed by volunteers.


Learned to shoot initially in the Boy Scouts (obtained the rank of Eagle Scout), which was mostly target shooting until I started dating my wife, whose father owned a farm and I was invited to hunt geese and ducks, which was primary hunting focus, then deer hunting. Secretary and Treasurer of a hunting club for 15 years and then formed new hunting club, and managed it as the General Manager of new hunting club for 20 years, including hunting lease negotiations and resolving issues between club and timber companies. Primary hunting interest transferred to primarily wing shooting ducks, geese, pheasants, quail, dove from south Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Kansas, and dove shooting in Argentina.

Joined Cherokee Gun Club in Gainesville, Ga. (600 members) in 2007 and have enjoyed the use of the skeet trap, sporting clay and five-stand facilities, pistol ranges, and the rifle ranges. In 2011 I was elected as President of the Gun Club and re-elected again for 2012.

Also enjoy fishing and boating as well as carpentry and furniture building.


Contributor to Gwinnett Medical Foundation and member of the Cornerstone Society of the Foundation. The Foundation has been instrumental in raising money to improving the Hospital System in Gwinnett county including a new first class hospital facility in Duluth, Ga as well as getting open heart facility in Lawrenceville, Ga

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