Mary Lou Coss

Class of 1962
Major/Minor: Sociology

Fall 2011 Update

  • Marriage produced two amazing daughters.
  • Masters Degree from Trinity College in Community Health Promotion.
  • Active in community events in Chevy Chase, Frederick and Washington County, Maryland.
  • Served on the board of a Women’s Shelter and am currently on the advisory board of Springfield Hospital.
  • Active volunteer at a local Senior Day Care Center.

Not quite retired from work in adult education and community health. Still enjoying my longtime association with WholeFoods Market in marketing great natural food. Have become an experienced, sometimes innovative cook. Remain physically active with swimming, biking, yoga, and hiking with my grandson. Running and tennis are past memories. Have travelled when motivated but now usually to my “second” home in San Francisco. Life has been good and fulfilling. Look forward to hiking more, reading more good books, Sinatra moments, keeping rock and roll alive and sharing it all with family and friends.