Ken Arnold

Since Graduation:

Ken Arnold served ten years in the USMC, 5 years with the VA, Commercial pilot with no job, odd jobs, Aviation Maintenance School then 20+ years in the field, retiring in ‘94 from Continental. He has four great kids, 2 girls, one a mathematician, the other a home maker, and 2 sons, one a Navy pilot and now AF instructor, the other another math guy and professional “coder.” Arnold feels blessed with seven wonderful grandkids and wife, Kay.

He has been a “Westerner” since 1972, living 23 years in Colorado and the rest in the beautiful Pacific NW. A sailor since 1986, he is most happy now that he no longer owns one of those floating “thingees” that soak up all ones money. He also admits that he finally kicked the motorcycle habit after 41 years of riding. 

120 mph car rides with a KA track team friend… who shall remain unnamed unless he wishes to admit to his abuse of his daddy’s Pontiac, and Pinky, “The Whistler,” who uncannily seemed to be able to whistle any tune you asked him to, with perfect pitch and amazing range. Get him to perform for you, unless he too has lost a half step or more. Thanks for the good memories all you KA’s, and everyone else too. Wish I could’ve made it.

Retired? Yes

Employer: Continental A.L.

Work City & State: Denver, CO

Current or Last Work Title: Tech Coordinator

Home City & State: Blaine, WA