Hank Marindin

Spring 2011 Update

I’ve been married 50+ years to Debby Sherin ‘60 and its been wonderful.

We have three grown successful children and six grand children, the oldest being a college freshman and the youngest in second grade. Over 38 years ago we moved to Maryland from Virginia and decided to try a more rural lifestyle. We bought a small farm with an old Maryland farm house, Circa 1870, which was livable but needed tender loving care, a true fixer-upper. This translates into a bottomless money pit, but we are still there and still married. Through the years we have had a true menagerie of animals that have included chickens, sheep, pigs, goats and beef cattle. All paid their way except for the horses and ponies which though fun for the kids and pretty to look at, are another bottomless pit.

Through my business career as a salesman, manufacturers rep, and sales manager, I’ve sold everything from business forms to printing presses, concrete mixers to integrated security systems and various and sundry other products and services. Lest you forget during our college years I was the Coca Cola man and Cokes were only five cents a bottle. I could have retired at graduation if the price was anywhere near today’s, but as it was it helped pay the way at WC.

My remembrances of WC are all of pleasure; good classes, good sports, good friends and great fun, maybe a little too much. Looking forward to seeing all who can make it back for the reunion.