Bob Doran

After graduating I went to work for AMF Inc. which was a large diversified global company. Early in 1962 I took a leave from AMF and spent six months on active duty with the Ct. National Guard. In October 1962 I married Dotsie my wife of 49 years. We have two daughters Susan and Kathy and a grandson Reid

In 1963 I accepted a position as an Export Manager for Thermatool Corp. in AMF’s International Division which was based at their headquarters in NYC. In 1972 AMF sold Thermatool Corp.,to another large privately owned company Inductotherm Industries. I was offered the opportunity to work for Inductotherm/Thermatool and I accepted. The decision to go with Thermatool was a good one as AMF eventually declared bankruptcy and went out of business.

My career with Thermatool was spent in the sales and marketing of equipment which is used in high speed production lines to produce various welded products from coiled strip . One of he main products produced was small and large diameter welded tube and pipe which is used in many diverse automotive,furniture, and structural applications and for the transmission of water, oil, and gas. Fifty percent of Thermatool’s business was outside of the USA which gave me the opportunity to travel all over the World including to China where in the mid 1980’s Thermatool was one of the first American companies who made significant sales. I retired from Thermatool in 2008 as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Since retiring Dotsie and I have spent our time taking cruises with friends. I also enjoy fishing. Dotsie continues to run the Interior Design firm in Greenwich which was started by her great aunt in the late 1920’s and which she took over from her mother when she retired in the 1970’s. Our daughter Kathy also works for the firm.

We are both looking forward to attending the 50th reunion and to renewing friendships with class mates that we have not seen in fifty years.