Sue Kemp Thompson

Class of 1960

After graduation I spent 17 years in library management at Hopkins, University of Baltimore, and UMBC.

During this time I earned an MSLS degree at Drexel University. I changed careers before it was fashionable and became a travel consultant. This was a natural occupation since I am an Army brat and lived in the U.S. and foreign countries moving nearly every year. I have been booking travel for 31 years so far, mostly at Roeder Travel.

In 1971, I took my first trip to Europe and met my husband, Paul, in Lucerne, Switzerland. In 1973 Paul and I were married. We have been to Europe 24 times, to Canada 10 times and have seen most of the U.S.A. My hobby and my work is travel, but I also enjoy sports, reading, gardening and photography.